How Safe is Your Teen from a Disastrous Financial Future?

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As parents and leaders, we want to do whatever we can to raise our teens so they are prepared to be happy, productive, thriving adults!

And sometimes it looks like, once they are teens, there’s not much more we can do for them. We’re busy, they’re busy, and just holding it together on a daily basis seems like all we can do.

But, we make time for what’s important. And, society isn’t calling for us to teach our teens great money habits and attitudes. We don’t talk about it with each other, we don’t talk about it with our teens, we don’t have easy at-your-fingertips resources to lean on, and we don’t get reminders or reinforcement in our environment.

So, at what cost do we just leave it alone? We ALL know what life is like without money skills. Teens WANT to learn to think about and manage their money. They WANT to have the confidence that they will be OKAY as adults. More than that, they WANT to know that they have every chance to make their dreams come true, to make a difference in the world, and to provide opportunities to the people in their lives that they love.

There are loads and loads of resources online that are easy and effective. It just takes a decision on your part that you will make this important; important enough to make time for, important enough to spend a little money on, important enough that you will make sure that your teen grows in this way.

Easy Action:  Talk to your teen about setting a specific financial life goal.  For example, “By X (age) I will have X (net worth) so I can _________ (benefit that is meaningful to your teen).”  Like all areas of life, we first set meaningful goals, then our journey becomes the discovery of how to achieve our goals.

Resource at Your Fingertips:  Get resources for YOU and YOUR TEEN at

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