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Kids Money Management

Bryan Sommer’s website offers advice and resources for parents and their kids who are committed to building wealth.  As a Certified Financial Planner, he is dedicated to helping parents and their kids excel at managing their money.

The Financial Fairy Tales Blog

A blog that contains relevant information pertaining to teaching children financial education.

len penzo dot com

A comical approach to teaching personal finance.

MoneyTrail:  Money Management for Teens and Families

MoneyTrail is a free, online allowance and money management system for kids, teens and families. This highly recommend resource helps parents and teens track the back and forth nature of allowances and IOUs.

My University Money

For high school students preparing for college, for college students, and for parents preparing to send their children to college…

Personal Finance

Jay Sanders shares information about the “relevant numbers” in your personal financial life and small business.

The Jenny Pincher

For smart, single women overcoming debt and building wealth.

Prairie Eco Thrifter

This blog shares tips on how to go green, live sustainable, manage money well, and live healthy.

Money Girl’s Smart Moves to Grow Rich

Laura Adams, a personal finance expert and the author of Money Girl’s Smart Moves to Grow Rich, won the prestigious 2011 Excellence in Financial Literacy Education award from the Institude of Financial Literacy.  She provides a wealth of resources, including a blog, podcasts, and books, for everyone looking to make smart moves with their money.

Financial Wisdom with a Twist

Financial Wisdom with a TWI$T is just that…financial tips, tricks, information and more. This blog will invite you to start thinking differently about your money and how we’re educating our children about money and investing. A little something different in a sea of the same old financial ideas and advice.

Ultimate Allowance Blog

The Ultimate Allowance blog is designed for anyone teaching kids about money. Written by Elisabeth Donati, creator of Camp Millionaire and The Money Game, you’ll find insightful ideas about kids, teens and money.

Jennifer Streaks

Jennifer Streaks has developed programs teaching basic financial strategies through her new monthly blog, Dollars & Streaks. She is also a noted HuffingtonPost contributor and is writing her debut book titled Digging Your Dreams Out of Debt; a book that focuses on financial management and addresses credit issues, retirement and investing, and avoiding financial pitfalls.

The Money Game Blog

Designed for teachers, schools and youth group leaders who are actively teaching their kids and teens groups about money and investing. Elisabeth Donati, creator of Camp Millionaire and The Money Game provides countless teaching tips and other great resources to make financial education far more effective and fun for all.

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