Reviews of the WealthQuest for Teens program

Here is a collection of 35 rave reviews of the WealthQuest for Teens program that you will LOVE!  The common themes are that 

  • Teens love it!
  • They see how the program can help them NOW and for the rest of their lives
  • Parents love it!  They say it is life-changing and well-designed.
  • Teens and parents both see how a money mindset, a great money management strategy, and net worth are related.
  • Teens and parents appreciate the Silo System (a teen version of the jars system) for the way it aligns money with values and goals.
  • Experts say this program is uniquely designed to make a HUGE difference in the lives of teens. 

Moms, dads, teens, grandmothers, parent coaches, wealth coaches, CPAs, and prosperity gurus RAVE about WealthQuest for Teens!


  • This is a comprehensive financial literacy program put together by Jill Suskind, a teacher who overcame her own struggles. The slogan is “Make it Real, Make it Matter, Make it Last” and it shows your teen exactly how to do so. It also has a Parents’ Guide, something I greatly appreciated and read several times. It gives you an overview of the program, and also takes you through such topics as mistakes parents make when teaching their kids about money, new and positive ways to teach them, how to make their allowance really matter, and others. It covers topics such as how your attitudes and beliefs can affect how your money life progresses, earning different streams of income rather than just depending on job income, how to begin doing it, how to set up your finances in a way that will serve you from now right into adult life, how to help others, and several more topics that I think are crucial for full financial understanding.


When [my son] began applying the “silo” system that WealthQuest shows them, he commented that he was already seeing a difference in his money handling after only a few weeks and could really see how it will help him to keep track.


WealthQuest really speaks to teens, powers them up and gets them excited, and I cannot say enough what a phenomenally powerful and life-changing experience it has been so far, for me as well as my children because I know they will have a better financial life. It sells for $39.95 and it’s worth every penny.


Erin Dean, mother of 19-year-old son 


  • Strangely enough – [my son] really liked the ideas of boxes of money – separating his cash into goals sets. It opened up the door to have him intentionally look at money management – see what was going on in his own wallet and around him. Being aware of helping your money work for you – priceless.  


Angie Wright, parent of teenage son



  • I love the emphasis on SAVING and planning ahead, and then being able to buy what you want with the money you save– guilt, debt, and stress free! 


Mary Roberts, parent of teen


  • The video/workbook questions really make the kids examine some of their underlying feelings about money….and people who have it.  They really have to think. They really have to get personal. They really have to dig deep. They really have to look at their money and where it is going and decide where they want it to go.


When [my daughter] talks about things she wants to do or buy now, it is always in terms of what she has in her silo for that item. She also has been thinking of ways she can make money and what services she can offer the world.


Actually, it made me think a bit about my basic perceptions of people who have money, too. It really could not have come at a better time for our family.  


I can see a definite change in how my teens are thinking and talking about money. This change in his thinking process I can directly relate to the video seminar.  


Do I recommend this course?  Yes.  Wholeheartedly.  


Kayla Rokosz, mother of teenage son and daughter



  • My granddaughter loved this course!

Christine Hindle, grandmother of teen


  • I have to tell you I didn’t expect too much from this program; however, it has been life-changing for my son. It has motivated him, encouraged him, and helped him to get a handle on what money is for. With the silo system he sees how this can be used for the remainder of his life.  We have discussed many aspects of finances that we have never even touched on before, some things you just don’t think about.


This is NOT some heavy duty dig deep into financial information type program only for the budding CPA, this is a workable, understandable plan and program that can REALLY BENEFIT your teen.


Terri Berkhert, mother of teenage son


  • WealthQuest for Teens is a program that teaches teens, ages 14-19, and parents how to have positive attitudes, relationships, and habits with money no matter how small or large the budget and income are. This program does an excellent job of teaching how and why to manage money. Some people might perceive that this program is only for those who aim to have a very high net worth. It would definitely benefit them, but truthfully, it would benefit anyone who has money at all. 


The definition that WealthQuest uses for wealth or rich is “the amount of money you need to have the life you want and to make a difference in ways that matter to you.” WealthQuest stresses the importance of giving 10% to better the world in some way as well as saving for education, everyday expenses, fun, large expenses, and the future.


I believe that if a person learns these principles at a young age, even when their income is $5 or $10 a week or month, his feet will be firmly planted on the path that is financial fitness.


As I have been modifying my money management methods, I have had the lessons I learned from this program in my mind, and I am seeing that they are really effective. 


I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn to manage money effectively. 


Marisa Corless, mother of a teen


  • Straight from the 14 year old–“My favorite part about this program is that it’s so teen-focused. The subjects in the videos were talked about by teens. The workbook was to the point, so it didn’t take too terribly long. I really enjoyed the program and teaching style.


Michele Pleasants’ teenage daughter 


The Parent Guide--This may very well be one of the best parts of this program in my opinion! It is well-written and very informative.  It reminded me that OUR thoughts and feelings about money can easily shape those of our children and must therefore be well-thought-out and then clearly communicated. 


Michele Pleasants, mother of 2 teens


  • Let me just say this: my daughter loves this program!


Growing up with poor examples of money-management and attitude toward finances, I understand that this is an issue, not just in my house but for this entire country. Adequate instruction isn’t given in school to help our teens know how to be smart with their money. But not just that: “While all of the lessons offered through WealthQuest for Teens online products are about money and wealth building, they are really about wealth in all areas of life.”


Blossom Barden, mother of teen (Blossom’s full review follows at the end)


  • I appreciate that, as practical as the videos are, they also spend quite a bit of time discussing mindsets about money. They carefully examine different stereotypes people have about money, the rich, and the poor, and help to build a healthy attitude about taking responsibility for your own money.


Jennifer Harrison, mother of teenage son


  • WealthQuest for Teens is one of those resources I never knew I needed until I found out about it!


Wendy Hilton, mother of teen


  • This program has some great, unique gems.  I really like the goal of teaching not just money.  I like that it includes the goals of talking about attitudes about money, learning about money (as a lifetime habit). This is a great tool to have meaningful discussions.


I appreciate that there are lots of different topics in this workbook – everything from setting up your silo system to thinking about why money is important, what it can (and cannot buy), setting up a plan to reading books about money, setting goals, and financial freedom.  


Alane Abbett, mother of teenage son


  • Unobtrusive but upbeat background music, cool graphics, and interesting slides make them engaging and fun. The questions posed inspire some honest introspection about one’s beliefs, and help teens take the first steps to right thinking about the role of income, investment, work, and accumulating wealth. E____ said she enjoyed them very much, the course was easy to understand and use. She felt that she learned a lot and is determined to continue to use the steps to financial success that she’s learned so far.


While the name of this program is WealthQuest for Teens, this isn’t just about seeking monetary success for the purposes of selfish gain. This curriculum teaches and encourages financial success – but – it lays a firm foundation by quickly dealing with and dispelling wrong attitudes about wealth and bad habits that keep people trapped in economic bondage.


Susan Raber, mother of teenage daughter (Susan’s complete review follows at the end)


  • WealthQuest for Teens is a great place to start your children on the path of good decision-making when it comes to money management.


A six-week program written by Jill Suskind, WealthQuest for Teens takes teens on a wealth- building journey in which they learn to use money in a way that is compatible to their family ideals, goals, and needs. Designed to help teenagers skirt the unnecessary monetary mistakes and pitfalls that are easily avoided with a bit of direction and education, the 7 modules help teenagers become financially fit. 


We found the videos to be interesting, eye-catching, and entertaining (and, no, not cheesy at all). They were fast-paced and cheerful with energetic teens and high tech sights and sounds. We watched them straight-through and then discussed the strategies presented as a family. The real- life, hands-on components of the program are inspiring my children to begin saving money NOW and form healthy habits for life. 


Lynn McInnis, mother of 16-year-old daughter 


  • One of the most important but often overlooked topics a parent can teach their kids about is money management. The parent guide is packed full of ideas, hints, suggestions for discussions, and basic philosophy of financial education. It is written in a conversational style directly from the heart of the creator and author of the WealthQuest for Teens program–Jill Suskind. 


You can truly see she wrote this program with the best interest of your teen at heart, and the desire to create a portal of entry into financial fitness for all teens. She answered the call to reach out to a generation of parents who might not have been taught very effective money management skills, leaving them a bit weak in the knees when it comes to teaching their own kids.


This program really paves the way for healthy discussions of the How, When, Where, Why, Who and What of financial education. It’s a motivational and basic informational program.


Chris Gunn, mother of 2 teens


  • The Parent’s Guide I found to be more pep than instruction …which is good!  The most sobering thought in the guide for me personally, was this: “As a parent, YOUR habits and attitudes with your teens and their money determine THEIR net worth.” Thank you for the wake-up call, Jill!


The eBook for Teens is filled with 26 days of tips and tasks to develop the attitudes and habits required to fully implement the seminar principles. 


Taunya Richards, mother of teenage son


  • WealthQuest for Teens is a little different from other programs I have seen.  It is not a get rich program.  It doesn’t just teach you about finances.  Instead, it provides your teen with resources and information empowering her with good habits and attitudes about money so that she can be successful in managing he own finances both now and into adulthood.


My daughter found the program itself to be very clear and straightforward in a no nonsense way.  I wish that I had something like this when I was growing up. I know I have made many critical mistakes in managing my finances and I know after completing WealthQuest for Teens that my daughter will have a better chance at dealing with her own personal finances successfully. 

The program sets your teen up to deal with money in a way that supports her own values, needs, and goals. I was very impressed with WealthQuest for Teens.  I found it was a very realistic approach to teaching teens about finances.  In a very secular world that has a somewhat unhealthy view of money and riches, WealthQuest for Teens provides a healthy alternative way to approach money and finances that will better prepare teens for life.


Barbara Campbell, mother of teenage daughter


  • Taking this course helped me identify the amount of money I need to achieve my goal of attending college debt free. That is what I want for my life, that is what matters to me. This will help me make a difference in other people’s lives because I will not have a ton of debt when I am finished with school.


Julie Coney’s 17-year-old daughter


First of all, I really like the way the components were laid out. The online video itself includes the video teaching and examples and an interactive notebook. I haven’t seen this with any other programs, and I really liked it.  My son watched the videos, paused them when prompted to do so, filled in the information in the interactive notebook, and resumed the video. This is a great way to study and learn!


The purpose of the WealthQuest for Teens program is to have teens actually change their habits during the course, not to just read about good money habits.  With that purpose in mind, the QuickStart eBook guided us through setting up the money tracking system and setting goals for what my teen wants to accomplish with his money. It has 30 short daily assignments, so that within a month, the teen is all set up and using the new system. All of this worked together very well. The eBook is a great reinforcement and implementation tool for what the Teen has just learned through the videos.


The Parent Guide had great information in it not only on how the program works for teens, but also about common mistakes parents make in teaching about money, better  ways to handle the topic, and how to handle allowance and jobs at home.


The program is not a “health-and-wealth-gospel” program or a “get-rich-quick” idea. Rather, it teaches the importance of managing the money that you have well, no matter how much it is.  


This program offers excellent tools and habits, including habits of giving to worthwhile causes and “making a difference.” 


Debra Haagen, mother of teenage son


  • Jill Suskind, M.Ed., created WealthQuest for Teen, Ltd., in 2008. The mission of the company is to have this generation of teens prepared to meet the financial realities of adulthood with confidence and competence. 


Jill believes that, in order to fulfill this mission, parents are her main partners, since teens establish habits and beliefs at home when they’re young. Jill also believes that parents want and need to be supported with effective tools and resources.


Now you might be thinking this is a get rich scheme for teens to show them how to be debt free and be a millionaire by investing money and so on and so forth. Well, you are completely off base. This program not only tells teens that being successful is truly not about being rich, it is about picking an occupation that makes you happy and living within the means it gives you. Continuing to tell them that choosing a job that makes us the most money is not making us financially free. I loved that so much!


Making a plan and sticking to it is what makes us financially fit, and Wealth Quest for Teens helps teach our teens just that and I think Dave and I learned quite a bit along this journey too.


The boys enjoyed this program immensely. It has changed their views on what they want to save for in the future, how to make budget and knowing they can follow their heart in choosing a profession, not because of how much it pays but because it is truly what they want to do in life and in turn they will be more adjusted, happier adults. 


I can see by the conversations at the dinner table that WealthQuest for Teens has made a powerful impact on not only my teens but myself and my husband as well.  


I highly recommend this program for all families with teens. It is a life-changing experience that will secure your children with knowledge to be financially fit as they grow into adulthood. $39.95 is a small price to pay for such a life-altering experience.


Jennifer Kaspzak, mother of 14 and almost-16-year- old 

  • I really like the author’s concept of “rich”. She doesn’t put a money value on it, because rich is considered “the amount of money you need to have the life you want and to make a difference in ways that matter to you.” She doesn’t teach ways to become rich or ways to save lots of money, but she instead teaches good money management habits that, if learned, can serve you well the rest of your life. 


Tim Tinkel, father of 15-year-old son _______________________________________________________________________________

  • The primary model in WealthQuest for Teens is the silo, a plan for putting money into different spending and saving categories. The videos do a great job explaining how to set up and use the silo system – but more – they get across WHY it’s beneficial to do something like this – which can be difficult, when you’re talking to teens who want to spend every penny they have. It’s important for us to understand how big an impact our own actions have on our children’s behaviors, especially in something like finances – we might tell them and tell them with words, but our actions will always speak with far more impact than our words could ever have. Even if we’re starting pretty late in the game, it’s never too late to make a change for the better – and our children will benefit twice.

Shawna Bradley, mother of teenage son


  • With 2 teenagers in the house now…the family has begun to venture into the wonderful world of teaching teens! Money management skills are one of those very important new subjects on our horizon. WealthQuest for Teens is a comprehensive tool to teach these skills. The short, easy to understand, and engaging videos are a huge hit!  My teenage boys both found them enjoyable, and they are really absorbing the concepts and shaping their attitudes about money.


The entire seminar can be completed in about 2 hours, but the discussion points you will have with your teens about money will last for a long time! I wish I had been fortunate enough to have had this type of education regarding money management, it would have saved so many painful (and costly) mistakes. I was impressed with this program, and so were my boys. The Parent Guide was filled with wonderful suggestions – I’m following their advice – I’m reading WealthQuest to learn new money management skills as part of lifelong learning!   The Teen book has 30 questions to keep your teen thinking and planning for their future goals. And, let’s your teen try out his new skills online.


Renita Bentz, mother of 2 teenage sons


  • WealthQuest for Teens teaches teens a new way to think about and manage money. WealthQuest provides them and their parents with all the necessary material to not just teach your teen how to save for a big purchase, but how to properly manage money for everything. It teaches parents that how our attitudes towards money will affect how our children will manage their money as adults.


The Parent Guide really helps parents support your teen as they work through the program so your teen can have all means necessary to succeed. It teaches parents the attitude we need to have to help our children become successful with money management as children that will continue on as they are adults! It helps parents realize the roadblocks we put in our teens paths of financial freedom without even realizing it. 


Some of the things I have learned just from reading through the Parent guide have been amazing.  A few of the things were, I learned that I too was putting some roadblocks in my children’s path that I need to work on to help my children become successful adults such as not ever talking about our money to our children.  


I would recommend WealthQuest for Teens to any parent wanting to teach their children how to manage money properly and also to any parents wanting their children to succeed as adults financially!


Nicole Walter, mother of teenager


  • The QuickStart Guide eBook for Teens exposes readers to the core concepts and tools critical to forming a solid foundation for future financial success. Through thoughtful, fun exercises and daily focus, teenagers learn how to think about the relationship between money and their goals.  And they get a very practical and valuable understanding of the fundamentals of interest, credit cards, saving, and budgeting.


Kurt Fischer, MONEYCOUN$ELOR, 


  • My 16-year-old did this program and it really has him thinking about his money. He works 2 part-time jobs and recently opened a checking account, a savings account and most recently an IRA. It’s so exciting to see him taking control of his money. I feel good as a parent introducing the program to him and seeing him be responsible with his money makes me happy. It’s also made me work on my own finances. 


Thanks WealthQuest!


Sarah Slayton, mother of teenage son


  • I was never taught how to properly handle my money, and I would never blame anyone but myself. I have since taken charge of my financial issues and have cleared a lot of my debt, but I could not have done it without WealthQuest for Teens Online Video and Workbook. It has taught me to organize and prioritize my money, and now I can save and spend responsibly. I could not explain to you how much I wish a program like WealthQuest for Teens was around when I was younger. 


WealthQuest for Teens teaches how to properly handle and prioritize money so we are not left asking ourselves, Where has all my money gone?


Vanessa Whitton, age 19,WealthQuest for Teens graduate, 2009


  • As a financial coach and speaker empowering adults with their money mindset and money management skills, I recognize the WealthQuest for Teens Basic Seminar is clearly a desperately needed resource in our country. This engaging, interactive and fun program prepares teens to see the value of personal financial responsibility and enjoy their interactions with money at an early age.  The concepts in this program prevent young adults from the common mistakes people make in adulthood. This program has the potential to change millions of lives at a crucial time in their development—when teens are establishing their life-long habits and attitudes toward money—ultimately affecting their effectiveness and comfort level with money forever.”


Belinda Fuchs, CPA

Wealth Coach and President, 


  • As a nationally known parent-teen expert, I believe financial literacy is one of the primary responsibilities of a parent to offer their children in preparation for adulthood.  WealthQuest for Teens delivers an innovative training experience online that teens need for developing a savvy mindset toward money and its role in life. 


Barbara McRae, MCC

Bestselling author, Coach Your Teen to Success


  • WealthQuest for Teens Basic Seminar presents an effective approach to money management that all teens should be exposed to. This exciting program is more comprehensive than just teaching “budgeting” and “saving for one thing at a time”. 


With this education, teens gain the skills that will empower them to be in control of their finances as adults. “


Robert S. Fineman, P.C.
Certified Public Accountant and Business Advisor, Norwood, MA


  • It’s never too early to teach your children about money. This is a great program to help teens develop prosperity consciousness.


Randy Gage,

Internationally Known Speaker and Author, Risky Is the New Safe 


  • WealthQuest for Teens is powerful, practical and easy to use. At its very core is a super money management system called “The Silo System” which sets up separate pools of  money or ‘silos’ for each goal or expenditure.  Research shows that’s how people think about money and that’s why it works. The WealthQuest system comes complete with videos and user guides for both the parent and teen. I highly recommend it.


Jay Sanders, CPA/PFS, CFP®

Teen Financial Literacy Activist 


  • Blossum Barden interviewed her teenage daughter after completing the program.


Here are the questions I put to my teen using this program, and her answers:


Q: When you first heard you were going to be using this program, what did you expect? Did using the program change your initial expectations? If yes, how so?

A: I expected a boring course on budgeting, savings, stocks, and such, but it really turned out to be different! It isn’t about all those ‘complicated’ parts of money, but really the basics – the basics that aren’t very well known. It turned out to be fun and educational.


Q: How did you ‘use’ the program? Take us through your typical session using WealthQuest for Teens.

A: Each day I watched one of the videos, filled out the questions, and read from one of the suggested books. I would think about how it all applies to me, and then I would apply it to my life – dividing my money up, saving my money, and figuring out what I wanted my money for. *My note: she ‘narrated’ quite a bit from the book readings she did and taught us a few things along the way!*


Q: What was your favorite aspect of this program?

A: It’s very easy to understand. The program wasn’t hard to read, but the things I learned kept me thinking later on – it really changed my perspective on a lot of things. I also like the ‘silo system’ – the system suggested for managing your money: it’s simple but efficient!


Q: Do you think this is a beneficial program for teens? Why or why not?

A: I think it is very good for teens! I would not be saving my money as well as I am now if I had not gone through this – and those habits will stick with me for life! As is said in the program, the sooner you learn these things, the more time you have for it to become a good habit, and that will help you out a lot later in life.


Q: What else would you like to let readers know about this program?

A: There are many good suggested books to read along with the program – definitely read at least one! The more you know, the better you can do with your money. 


Final Comments from Blossum: 

This program gets a hearty thumbs-up from my 16-year-old as a great money management – program that will instill good habits for later life as well.


I read the Parent’s Guide that came with the program. While reading this, I found myself nodding in agreement through at least Chapter 4. I thought would  have a different mind-set about Chapter 5 about allowances, but it could honestly be because I don’t expect the right responsibility from my kids when it comes to what they do with that allowance. Follow- through is always important.


And here is what I think WealthQuest for Teens really emphasizes:


At first I felt like the program was striving to make a millionaire out of my kids but I don’t think that’s the case at all. It doesn’t matter if they make $10,000 a year or $1,000,000- that’s not where their ‘net worth’ is. Those are just numbers. In the course, yes, it does talk about net worth in terms of actual money- but it focuses a lot on the attitudes that are carried about that money. That’s important. I don’t want my kids to feel that money should have such a lofty position in their lives. I also really appreciated the “Philanthropy” chapter- giving to others is important and I’m so glad that this was made part of the program.

The Parent’s Guide gave a lot of good tips for how to implement, or rather how to not hinder, the New School Model for healthy money management. 

And also the Teen Ebook, that is printable, Lee figured out how to keep her notes by leaving comments and then saving the document. This workbook is a 30-day program but honestly, it can be gone through quicker than that. I do think it is something she will go back to again and again. She can look at this and reevaluate what she feels and believes about her ‘wealth’.


Bottom line:

I think this is a wonderful program for teaching teens how to appropriately handle their money, no matter how little they might have. My daughter, who has a babysitting job and does not have a large income, has saved (and spent!) more using this system than any of our previous “Old School” methods. I’ve been quite impressed with the amount of responsibility she has taken with what she has.


The program is easy to go through, isn’t stale or boring and appeals to her partially because there are other teens who are presenting it. It is really great to have a program for this life skill that does such a great job and instills such positive results.


The cost is very low for what is presented and the skills that are learned. The skills will last a lifetime, if the person who is going through the course wishes them to.  I believe that once they see the benefits of going through WealthQuest for Teens and applying the strategies they will be sold! My daughter definitely is. She insists that *I* need to complete this as well as her 13-year-old brother!


  • Excerpts from Shawna Bradley’s Review of WealthQuest for Teens, posted on 

October 18, 2012


It’s no secret – we’re a low-income homeschooling family.  I’ve spent most of my adult life as a single mom, barely making ends meet money-wise, and knowing that so long as we’re healthy and happy, that’s what really matters to me.


I admit it – I’m absolutely the last person anyone ought to listen to about financial literacy. But I do hope my kids will have better luck with money than I have – so when I heard about WealthQuest for Teens, a money management course for teens 14-19, of course I was interested.  Wealth Quest for Teens is an online video seminar with accompanying student and parent ebooks, plus an online money tracking program for families.


Wealth Quest for Teens was created by Jill Suskind, a teacher in the Boston area. Her adult relationship with money was similar to most of ours, making the same mistakes. Eventually she sought help, and learned a new way of thinking about and handling money. She later shared what she had learned with her English students, and to her surprise, they were enthralled; they wanted – and needed – to learn about money.


Those conversations evolved into the Wealth Quest for Teens course, now available to everyone. 


The main focus of Wealth Quest for Teens is a change in the way of thinking about money, in two parts. The first, a change in the way we think about money in society as a whole. While we can’t do that individually, for we are each just a tiny drop in the bucket, it’s true that we are a drop – and given enough drops – and by continuing to talk, and continuing to share, and continuing to gather others – sooner or later, all of society will be wet with change. The second is personal change, and that’s the change that we can start making today, for ourselves, and while it’s not going to be instantaneous, we can begin to see results that truly affect us in a much shorter time span.


While Wealth Quest for Teens is aimed at our kids, the adults in the household need to be honest with ourselves. My son worked through the workbook, but as he neared the end of the program, I kept hearing, this isn’t relevant to me, I don’t have any money to put INTO the silos, I can’t actually USE this right now. (All of his money has been recently put into the bank, because he’d decided to open a checking account, and that’s where it all went, not just part of it.)


But the more he kept saying “I don’t have any money, I can’t…” I kept seeing myself. I’m not a big spender, and I never have been. Made a few mistakes with credit cards in the very early years, and then swore off them entirely. 


I’d much rather live on the sparse side than on the overspending side, and I’ve passed that on to the kids – but what I’m seeing is that I’ve only passed on the sparseness… there’s no plan for the big purchases, there’s no plan for charity, there’s no actual plan for regular fun stuff… and that’s something that’s all built into WealthQuest’s plan.

And the more and more I went back and looked at what my son was reading and doing, instead of just reading the parent guide, as I had been, I realized a couple of things: there’s not just a need for teaching teens, she’s right, there’s a need for teaching parents, and a need for teaching kids.  And a need for a whole different outlook on life.


The primary model in Wealth Quest is the silo, a plan for putting money into different spending and saving categories. It can be modified based on a person’s specific needs, but the general concept should remain. The videos do a great job explaining how to set up and use the silo system – but more – they get across WHY it’s beneficial to do something like this – which can be difficult, when you’re talking to teens who want to spend every penny they have. 


At the end of every video are interactive questions. The answers can be typed in, then printed (right then) directly from the computer. 


After completing the video seminar, teens work through a 30-day workbook designed to make them think about their feelings and desires about their relationship with money, and how they would like that relationship to change in the future, and how they can make that happen. It also serves as a way to encourage and reinforce positive thoughts and behaviors.

A 60-page parent guide is included. While it’s true that yes, the teen could work through the videos and the workbook on their own, it’s important that the parent read through the parent materials, also.  It’s important for us to understand how big an impact our own actions have on our children’s behaviors, especially in something like finances – we might tell them and tell them with words, but our actions will always speak with far more impact than our words could ever have. Even if we’re starting pretty late in the game, it’s never too late to make a change for the better – and our children will benefit twice.


The fourth part to Wealth Quest is access to online money management software called “Money Trail”.  It allows parents to track (without actually moving money around) the virtual balances that family members owe each other, for allowances and spending money. It’s also useful to practice the silo system. It’s actually a neat program.


Wealth Quest for Teens is affordably priced at $39.95 – because all the materials are digital, it’s reusable by the entire family as they grow. (My recommendation – don’t just read the parent guide, do the program alongside your child to get the most out of it!) At the minimum, make certain that you are reading through each of the day’s assignments and discussing the workbook with your teen as they go through it. It will change your way of thinking about money – and for your teen, being able to discuss the ideas presented really increases their impact and memorability.


Wealth Quest for Teens is flexible and doesn’t require a high time commitment per day.  I’d recommend it for any teen. 

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